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The GC Alliance

Connecting the wider GC Community 

That's the only way this Art is gonna survive. This is why we don't have more students.

From Master Joe

We want to serve as connecting point to serve the GC community

Exchange, share knowledge, and promote 

alliance of practitioners

The GC Alliance Network

There are lots of activities available for The GC Alliance members to choose from. Have a look at our offerings and make sure to get in touch if anything is unclear. We look forward to seeing you soon.

From the Master's Mind

From the minds of the Guided Chaos master in their own words. 

Inside our Training Centers

Explore content and resources from the Guided Chaos training groups and training centers throughout the network.

Training Aids/Videos/Resources

Train better from anywhere with videos and instructional content curated by the masters. 

The Chaos Cast

Our Clients

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